The performance of every website depends not only on the script that it uses, but also on the server where it is accommodated. In case the hardware is powerful and dependable, the apps which run on it will function well. Additional RAM, for instance, means that more processes can run in the same time, while a quicker processor indicates that these processes will be executed faster. This matters since a web hosting service involves email messages, databases, logs, and many others, so each of the abovementioned processes needs some system resources to function correctly. If the server does not have enough power, the websites hosted on it will not perform well or might even time out in case the machine is unable to manage all requests to it. Hosting your websites on servers with suitable hardware will give you the performance which you would like to have for them.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers

The semi-dedicated server accounts that we offer come with lots of unrestricted features for a reason - they are made on an advanced cloud internet hosting platform which contains a large number of powerful servers. 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and solid-state drives will provide you with the best possible hardware environment for your web applications and you will never face a situation where the system resources are not enough - something which happens often with many other web hosting providers. All the hardware parts are enterprise-level and are tested carefully before we use them in order to avoid any possible troubles in the future. Our cloud platform can be expanded by connecting more servers to the cluster that needs them and considering the hardware every machine includes, you will never have to worry if your websites will perform well or not. Since no account is ever made on just one server, there is no scenario where a number of clients can use up all the available resources.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers that we offer come with several hardware setups in order to give you a choice to get the most appropriate one with regard to the system resources you need and the funds you have, but all of them are really powerful and will give you fantastic performance for any type of site. According to what you wish to run, you'll be able to employ as many as 12 CPU cores with more than 24 GHz processing speed along with as much as 16 GB of physical memory solely for your web apps. All components which we use for the servers are tested carefully before and after your server is assembled to ensure that there isn't any defective hardware. In case any issue presents itself however, the support crew that's available 24/7 in our US datacenter can easily substitute any part and restore the proper operation of your server in no more than a few minutes.