The management of all hosting-related factors is done through a software tool called ‘Control Panel’. There are various brands which provide more or less features, but generally speaking, they all enable you to administrate site files, to set up e-mail addresses and databases, to look at account usage stats or what amount of traffic your visitors have generated. You may execute these actions through buttons and menus, and you will feel like you’re managing your own laptop or computer. The billing part is typically handled through a separate system, which may include domain registrations also - if the company provides this kind of services. In some cases, trouble tickets may be opened usingthe same system, while in others, this may be executed via a different support interface, so you could find yourself using 3 user interfaces with a single hosting account.

Multilingual Control Panel in Semi-dedicated Servers

We provide a multilingual, all-in-one CP which will allow you to control everything from a single location, eliminating the need of employing different systems. It'sbranded Hepsia and it was built by our developers after taking into consideration all the feedback we had received from our customers. As a result, if you create a semi-dedicated server account with our company, you'll get a highly efficient, albeit easy-to-use software tool where you can handle not just your hosting space, but also domain name registrations, hosting upgrades, plan renewals and support tickets without getting out of your account. Useful right-click menus shall make you feel like you’re using your desktop computer, while thorough instructional videos will show you first-hand all of the options you can use. Hepsia supports more than 15 languages - Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Chinese, to mention just a few, and more are on the way. You may also edit the color scheme with just a click or rearrange the sections on the homepage and make it look just how you want it to.